Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just a few of the 1.3 billion people in the Republic of China.. while I didn't get to know them, we were at the same place at the same time and that is coincidental enough for me XD

A sea of umbrellas on a cloudless, hot day in the Forbidden City in Beijing. I think of Beijing as the Communist mecca, historical pilgrimage that the Chinese go to. It's a place I'd go to even if I've lived in China my whole life. The Forbidden City is enormous... how does the emperor even get from place to place? The place has 8,000+ rooms. It's mind-blowing the power and wealth ONE person has. Talk about feeling insignificant.. a feeling I actually like. (in contrast to in U.S. where I feel things I do have consequences haha)

A nuclear Chinese family in one part of the Temple of Heavens. I loved this place a lot, everything was so symmetrical! I really like this picture because (while I was creepin') the family did not notice and I felt like I observed an intimate moment without intruding on them. I love how nuclear this family is.

No explanations, except that I wonder what these kids will grow up to be. They could be recruited by the state to become athletes, they could endure hours of studying for the college entrance exam, they could start working at age 16, they could come to the U.S., they could be any of those things.. it makes me excited for the future even if the reality turns out to not be exciting.

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