Sunday, July 3, 2011

共產黨九十周年/Communist presence in 2011

July 1 was the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. This is going to be the most relevant post to what I've learned in GS 110A: in short, I haven't really felt communism's grasp over the past two weeks I've been here. Granted Shanghai is kind of an exception in China, but besides the banners and CCP ads here and there, Shanghai does not look like a communist city. (Not that I know what a communist city should look like..) That said, here are a few signs of communism I've seen so far. Enjoy!! :Q

Exhibit A: A banner declaring the 90th anniversary at the entrance of this big park with a lot of old people

Exhibit B: Communist.. baby hedgehogs! The most adorable compatriots ever haha

Exhibit C: At Shanghai railway station, there is a typical CCP sign at the center. This is probably the most common type of CCP ad I've seen, at metro stations and banners on the streets

In unity, obedience, and communism

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