Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gardens/ 花園

Things are starting to get hazy in my mind.. you know how it is with gardens and greens. They start looking alike because after all, an angiosperm is an angiosperm. Gardens are relaxing once in a while and a fair addition to Shanghai's many buildings and chaotic intersections.

See the buildings peeking out behind the mini pagoda

The Botanical Garden had these themed gardens within it.. this one was modern-looking but my fav was a Western-themed one. There was a mini saloon along with tumbleweeds..

Boats! at the garden next to the famous dumpling house

I am not a huge nature fan, so I have actually been getting a bigger dose of greens, bugs, and (questionably) "fresh air" than I have in the U.S. Here's to being in the outdoors!

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  1. Oh my goodness I wanted to go the Botanical Garden in Shanghai so badly!! Couldn't because of the rain though~