Friday, June 22, 2012


I went to the famous American Girl Place, which must have an amazingly high rent because it is on the corner of 2 main streets. It is sooo awesome. Going to the Grove one next tbh XD I know the mission of AG has (like many other originally great things) changed/become much more monetized after it was acquired by Mattel, but it was still cool to see the characters.

The details are totally amazing!!!
Musical (and diverse) American girls
Kit riding her scooter made of orange crate circa the 1930s Great Depression
Josefina with a weaving loom and her pet goat
A groovy 70s display for Julie

Julie and Ivy! from SF in the 70s
Title IX! Female empowerment!
One of the groovy/earthy things from the 70s
This is a reference to this, one of AG's bibles basically XD

Rockefeller Center/ Lego Store

On route to the American Girl Place which is the tourist destination of my choice, I passed by the Rockefeller Center. Apparently the AG Place is in a very prestigious place XD

This is the Atlas statue at the Lego store. It's in front of the Rockefeller Center, which I thought was the UN at first b/c there were so many flags. The Lego Atlas statue looks Mayan, and LOL at the six pack. Nonetheless it looks very symbolic.
The real deal via Google images


The next pic is my ~juxtaposition~ of a Lego house in front of the Rockefeller Center. Basically, tourists, flags and mini Lego houses.

"Creativity and imagination shall be the stability of thy times," declares the God of Lego. I actually didn't see the real thing, but it says "Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times" - Isaiash 33:6.
The real deal, again via Google images

And finally, a statue I don't know the name of also in the Rockefeller Center. So... apparently according to Wikipedia this plaza turns into the famous Rockefeller rink in the winter. I'm finding out as much via Internet as much as IRL. Yay, wikipedia!