Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

California Poppy!
The "Celebrity Path," with a tile for every celebrity born in Brooklyn
Ex: Moe, Shemp and Curey of the Three Stooges XD

Elephant Ear! appropriately named plants!
Different types of "soil" for planting-- including charcoal, sand, and dried bark
My high-res picture of a blue flower!
The temperate greenhouse!
It looks kinda like the Getty Villa!
Shade formed by the hanging branches of a tree!
The Japanese garden

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random NYC pics

Mosaic of whales in the subway (Varick St Station)
Marine animals in the subway! .__.

Trying to spiff up the subway stations with LED lights!

So ~hip~ and music video-worthy

Rare moment of an empty subway car! It can be hot as a microwave in there

The magnificent Church of Scientology bids you goodbye

NYPL - Schwarzman Building

The NYPL Schwarzman Building is famous for the pair of lions, Patience and Solitude, at its front steps.

The famous lion at the entrance of the NYPL on 41st St and 5th Ave!

The magnificent main branch of the NYPL
Lego version of Patience/ Solitude
The other half of the Patience/ Solitude duo
Inside the library
My awesome panoramic photo of the library!!! :D thanks to the camera