Sunday, July 22, 2012

Japanese stores - a photoseries by ME

There isn't really a Japantown/ Little Tokyo in New York (sadly)... but near NYU is a block of restaurants that are Japanese. I walked around the block and took photos of the storefronts.

It's not really Japanese but it was on the street

It's not really Japanese- it's a library

Oh I see...  nice name XD
SMH @ the caricature of Japan!

Clearly not Japanese... and questionably authentic

Monday, July 16, 2012


The Highline is an abandoned railway that turned into a park in 2009. It's a great place to get a view and it's calm~
NYPD realness~
The railway that's no longer used

The highline/ abandoned railway!

Small statues near the benches

The buildings by the highline are so modern!

Well, not all of them

Being elevated is good way to take photos!


Metropolitan Museum

From the Asmat/ Oceania collection
Josef Alber's squares-- it's so modern and 20th century!
What are they trying with this imitation of a Chinese courtyard? >..>
Medieval stained glass!
Mini Statue of Libery- Freedom ring~
1) It has 6 pegs; 2) The scroll is a bust of a European LOL
A South Asian goddess
A recreation of a room in the 1800s! The black pipe is a sewing machine
View of the famous Egyptian wing from the 2nd story, the Japanese room

United Nations

Leaving the U.S. territory and going into the UN!
Ralph Bunche! He also has another building named after him
Oh it's so symbolic~
The Leaders~
The assembly/ general auditorium!
The Security Council chamber
The Visitors' Lobby- with security check

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I went to Chinatown/ I've BEEN going there! I go there for the food. I'm not adventurous in terms of food-- it will be my motivation to go somewhere, but once I know what I like, I will keep getting it!!! AKA comfort food. It's just relaxing and I like nothing more than being able to relax with a basic meal. XD Basic as in predictable but tasty. But sometimes I do branch out.

My meal consisting of iced tea and noodles
Restaurant where my meal was served

This is Chinatown, indicated by the Chinese characters!
Can you tell?