Saturday, July 16, 2011

博物館/ Museum

A few snapshots from Sheena, Candace, and my visit to the Shanghai Museum. The AC was chilly, the exhibits were cultural, and I saw Chinese artifacts in their country of origin-- all in all, a good day. My favorite exhibit was the ethnic clothing one, for several of China's 54 ethnic groups (even though the country is ~95% Han).

Masks: U MAD??

It looks like corset/ shoelaces from afar (VERY far maybe hah) but it is just the elevators of the 4 stories of the museum. There were a lot of tourists.

Chinese chairs throughout the ages! Which one looks the comfiest to sit on?

The thing about museums is that when they were made, they were not intended to be displayed but just everyday objects. Part of the artifacts' value is simply their age. I wish that were true for people.. that the older they are the more valuable they become. Actually-- that is true. Here's to wisdom and everything that comes with being older in a world that is becoming newer.

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