Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Antique shops on 多倫路

I didn't get pictures that captured what this street really looked like, but it's a street where a lot of writers and influential figures had lived. There are several bronze statues of the former residents along the road. Today their residences remain while the first story of these houses became antique, jade and other stores. One thing I've noticed is that as historical/touristy/attraction-ish the street is, clotheslines and and wires hang above. It is one thing that ties the different areas of Shanghai together :Q

A nice Victorian house that someone famous probably lived in

One snapshot of an antique store that had sooo many awesome 1940s/Revolutionary things in it.. it was enough to make me want to return just to go to this store

Clotheslines and bedsheets make the best tents and shades in an alley

You know how I feel about antiques and sleeping...

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